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Very simple makeup for beginners

Very simple makeup for beginners
Writer and expert2 months ago
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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the millions of beauty products available to us nowadays. Thankfully, our basic makeup tutorial is here to help you create a simple look in just a few minutes.

Are you new to makeup? Or maybe you’re just in a muddle because of all the conflicting beauty information you’ve read online? Either way, it’s a confusing world of cosmetics out there. Whether you’re a complete novice or a makeup master, this makeup tutorial for beginners will teach you how to create a radiant yet unfussy beauty look in just a few simple steps. Learn how to highlight your favourite features but still look like yourself. Let’s put your best face forward.


When it comes to makeup shopping, keep it simple. It’s possible to create a stunning look with just two products, but we think there are four key products that you should experiment with to start. For example: a base product, something to add some colour to your face, a lip product and mascara. Anymore and you might feel overwhelmed! Make sure you choose formulas that are multipurpose, so you can use the same products on different areas of your face (it will also save you room in your makeup bag!).


Before you apply any products it’s important to practice good skincare habits. Think of your skin as a fresh canvas. Cleanse, treat any problem areas and moisturise well before applying makeup. If you’re doing your routine at the start of your day, it's important to include an SPF product too. It will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays as well as help to prevent wrinkles and sun spots.


To kick off our beginner’s makeup tutorial, we suggest that you forget what you might have read about foundations for now, and instead begin your look with a beauty balm. The Radiate Beauty Balm is a great option here and is loved by influencers and celebrity makeup artists alike. Lighter and easier to blend than a typical foundation, BB Creams have a formula that melts easily into the skin, meaning very little blending is required and therefore making it the perfect beginner’s product. Squeeze a five pence size amount onto your fingertips and spread over your face from the centre outwards. Apply more if you need it, but the aim is to get your face looking glowy, fresh and all one colour. It should never feel cakey or uncomfortable.


There are lots of blushers and eyeshadows out there, but when you’re just starting out and are looking for a simple solution, a multipurpose, 2-in-1 product is often a great choice. Take a quality lip and cheek product, such as the 5secs Express Lip & Cheek Colour in Carmen (a flattering reddish pink), and apply a swipe of it on your eyelids. Blend it out with your finger for a subtle wash of colour and you’ve created a beautiful eyeshadow.

The crayon is also great for bringing colour to your complexion and highlighting your natural features. To apply it, smile into a mirror and draw a small circle on the apple of each of your cheeks. Rub the colour in with two fingers. The aim is to blend the shade into your skin just enough, so it looks like you have a natural, glowy flush. Very simple, yet endlessly effective as an expert or beginner’s makeup technique.



Makeup should be fun—and never mandatory—but if we had to pick one beauty essential for simple makeup looks, it would be mascara. It has the power to instantly open up your eyes, making you look more awake and adding drama to your look. The Lash Sophisticate High Definition Mascara easily adds length and volume. Brush the formula into your lashes from root to tip, separating and defining them for a natural look. If you want a more dramatic finish, apply multiple layers. The key to choosing the right mascara for you lies in the brush. Big fluffy brushes create voluminous butterfly lashes, like the small comb styles lift and lengthen. Headed to the beach or a wedding? Opt for a waterproof formula instead.


To finish our beginners makeup tutorial we suggest using a tinted lip balm. The sheer colour and soft consistency means you don’t have to be ultra-precise, ideal for people new to the world of makeup, so don’t worry too much if you smudge it. You’re aiming for lips that look lightly kissed with colour, so apply as many or as few layers as you like.

We hope you have enjoyed this simple, yet effective makeup tutorial. Whatever your makeup routine, just remember- beauty is a choice, not an obligation. When you want to enhance your gorgeous green eyes with smokey shadow or create a kissable pout with deep red lipstick, do it. But do it for yourself.

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