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Bespoke Lipstick Creation Experience

Create Your Own Lipstick Colour at Colour ID Lab

Discover Expert Colour Creation With Our Colour Maestro

How Does the Colour ID Lab Work?

Over the course of 45 minutes, our Colour Maestro will take you through four simple steps to create your own bespoke lipstick shade.

Pick Your Base

Whether you’re looking to create your perfect nude or red, or replicate a discontinued shade... start by picking your base shade available on the display set in our Lab

Mix Your Shade

Mix, test, mix, test. We’ll keep mixing until you’re satisfied with the final result, in store and in broad daylight (approx. 15 minutes).

Make Your Mould

Once you’re satisfied, we’ll start the process of melting the pigments and pouring it into the mould of lipstick (15 mins). Once it’s put into the lipstick machine it takes about 20 minutes to freeze in its mould.

Wear Your Shade

We’ll extract the mould and press it into its vessel et voila! Your bespoke lipstick is placed beautifully in your box and ready to use!

The Lipstick Making Experience Close to You

Available at our London Flagship Store