"I'm Cold" Tiktok Makeup Trend Explained by our Global Makeup Artist

What is the I'm cold makeup trend? 

Although I’m writing this from my holiday in Mexico and currently feeling very hot. I’m sure many of you are feeling the cold right now as we approach winter. This is where we are seeing a lot of  “I’m cold” makeup looks and trends- this look is inspired by our cold winter days/nights where your makeup mimics your natural flush when we are met with the cold winds and icy weather.

This is also a super simple and effective look you can achieve with a few products. Last week we had our amazing launch in New York with everyone looking so fabulous including our very own beautiful founder Sophia Chikovani and the stunning EmRata where we can see the “I’m cold” inspired makeup on her.

Concealer Under Foundation

How can we recreate it? 

You can create this easy and beautiful look using Code8 best selling concealer Seamless Cover which I swear by, this concealer is perfect for your winter makeup look as it will help to brighten up the eyes as well neutralise any extra redness we may develop on our skin during the cold climate. 

Followed by 5Secs Express Lip and Cheek Colour. Use this across your cheeks paired with your nose to create your desired “flushed” look along with our between two women highlighter to create your warm winter glow on top of the cheekbones.

This Highlight HD Palette will also help to achieve a natural warmth on your skin when you are feeling flat during the cold winter days. 

To achieve the sultry smokey eyes we saw on the gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski use the Code8 Lustrous Corduroy Eyeshadow Palette, this palette is perfect to create a smokey eye look with any eye colour or skin tone. You can go as soft or as bold as you like. With our knead technology used in the eyeshadows it gives you more room to blend and also has the ease of using your fingers if you’re not used to using too many brushes.

Finally for lips, again keeping it super simple and luscious use our Salvador Lip Liner all over the lips for definition and fullness followed by Spyglass Glazé Lip Gloss on top for your winter bronzed lips- this is a beautiful contrast when creating your own “I’m cold” look.

Remember to take every trend and make it your version- that is the art of makeup and beauty - Sasha