Eye makeup looks for people with blue eyes

Eye Makeup Looks
for People With Blue Eyes

Makeup Look on Blue-Eyed Woman

Blue eyes are naturally beautiful, but if you want to enhance your eye colour even further, there are certain makeup techniques you can use to really make your gaze pop. We asked Code8 Colour Maestro  Ana Lazovski to talk us through the best eye makeup looks for blue eyes and how to recreate them quickly and easily at home. Read on to learn about the eyeshadow colours and concealer tricks that can make your blue eyes shimmer like the sea.

Conceal and highlight 

Ana believes all eye makeup looks for blue eyes should begin with a good full coverage concealer. Neutralising the under-eye area will not only make you look more awake, but it will also remove any blue and purple tones from your dark circles. While you want to enhance the colour blue in your iris, you don’t want to bring it out in any other part of the face or you risk appearing tired or looking freezing cold. Popping a small amount of golden highlighter in the inner corner will further help to brighten up blue eyes.

Eyeshadow shades that complement blue eyes

The most flattering eyeshadow looks for blue eyes use warm orange-based colours, like apricot, copper, fiery red and bronze. For that reason, Ana is a big fan of the Code8  Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Burnt Sienna. The Burnt Sienna palette includes several of these stunning shades that perfectly complement blue eyes. Made with revolutionary Knead Technology, each shadow in the palette is silky and nourishing because they’ve been baked with sweet almond and evening primrose oils.

On blue-eyed women, Ana likes to use the shimmering apricot shadow all over the lid for a highly-pigmented wash of colour. Using this warm tone contrasts against the coolness in blue eyes, resulting in a flattering eye makeup look year-round. For extra intensity,  she wets the makeup brush before applying the shadow for an even richer and deeper orange shade. 

Smokey eye looks for blue eyes

If you want something slightly less colourful for everyday wear, a smoky eye can also be very flattering on blue eyes. Instead of using a classic black, Ana suggests trying a purple like the burgundy colour in the Burnt Sienna Palette. The coolness of the hue combined with its blue undertones helps blue eyes appear even bluer and brighter against the purple shadow. 

After applying it all over the lid, Ana draws a feline flick using the Precision Liquid Eyeliner. If you don't have this to hand, you can also use our Contour Eye Pencil and smudge some of the black kajal on the outer edge of the eye for even more drama. To finish the look, Ana coats the bottom and top lashes with the  Lash Sophisticate High Definition Mascara for a striking smokey eye that will make blue eyes stand out in any room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these three makeup artist-approved eye makeup tips for blue eyes. Whichever you decide to try, they’ll make your blue eyes look bluer and even more vibrant than they already are.