How to Get The Polished Look at 40

How to Get The Polished Look at 40

Our makeup artists share a makeup tutorial for over 40s, the signature Code8 "Polished" look. 

For this over 40s makeup tutorial you will need: 

Radiate Beauty Balm 

Seamless Cover Concealer

Contour Eye Pencil  

Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette - Lustrous Corduroy

Lash Sophisticate Mascara - High Definition Mascara 

Bronze Summer Glow Powder 

Blush Palette 

AM/PM Tinted Lip Balm

Step 1

As we head into our 40s, sometimes we just don't want a full coverage foundation anymore. We love using our Beauty Balm to create a smooth, yet natural texture. 

To apply the Beauty Balm, we recommend using either a brush or your fingers and applying a small amount of product to the centre of your face, before blending outwards. 

Step 2

The next step in our makeup tutorial for over 40s is to dab a little Seamless Cover Concealer under the eyes. Once applied, simply blend outwards in an upside down triangle shape beneath the eye. 

Step 3

Once our base is complete, we move onto the eyes. We love to draw attention to the eyes by lining the uper and lower lash line with our Eye Pencil and blending outwards. 

Step 4

We think that a soft smokey eye looks fantastic on any woman, whether she be in her early 20s or late 40s.

To create a gentle smokey eye we build on the upper and lower lash line using the second darkest shade in the Lustrous Corduroy Palette. 

Next, we once again add a little more depth to the eye using a touch of the darkest shades and smoking this outwards. 

The finishing touch for our eyeshadow is to take a little of the second lightest shade in the palette, blending this into the smoke from the inner corner of the eye. 

Step 5

The last part of our eye makeup application for over 40s is the addition of a quality mascara such as the Lash Sophisticate High Definition Mascara by Code8. 

Apply this generously on both your top and bottom lashes, gently moving the wand as you go to ensure an even coverage. 

Step 6

Next, we like to apply a swipe of Bronzing Powder to the areas under the cheekbones, pulling the colour up in a C shape towards your temples. This adds a depth to your complexion, and gives you that adored "sun-kissed" look. 

Step 7

We love our mood reflecting blush palettes and the many different ways they can be used. One of which is to add some colour to your cheeks as we do here in this makeup tutorial for over 40s. 

Apply the blush in whatever proportions your mood desires to the apples of your cheeks, achieving a fresh, healthy glow

Step 8

The final step in this over 40s makeup tutorial is to apply a swipe of our AM/PM Tinted Lip Balm for a soft and natural, yet polished look.